GreenLean Consulting Inc.

We grow through successful partnership relationships with our clients. We Listen, Think, Deliver!

With a network of extruders, glass suppliers, aluminum shops, architects, drafters and engineers all over Canada and US our clients benefit from convenient access to GLC. We will always mobilize the best resources for our clients based on our experience in the business and apply it to projects around the world.

Why choose GLC:

  • GLC always focuses on customer needs to ensure their success, strictly related to ours.
  • We bring our experience, latest technology and creative ideas in a collaborative approach to optimize the projects and satisfy all stakeholders
  • Estimating, project managing and engineering backgrounds makes sure our approach is always budget concomitant in solutions to project specific challenges.
  • We work to understand the business needs, schedule execution, overall goal and best approach for each client on project bases.
  • Site conditions, changes to design and scope are areas we can compete in the industry through speed and quality giving our clients a competitive edge
  • Integrity, public safety and professionalism makes us a strongly preferred associate in any iconic, high spec or standard construction project

GLC is a strong believer in a collaborative culture with clients, project stakeholders, subcontractors and the public. Through listening, understanding, discussing and then executing we have found uninterrupted success.