GreenLean Consulting Inc.

The company was founded in 2010 by Andy Green, P.Eng, with the vision to successfully grow while continuously involved in Canadian and US projects. GLC partnered with Alumicor Limited in numerous projects as well as many glass dealers on countless projects throughout North America. As the projects the company was involved in got bigger and more complex, the need of involving drafting services and more engineering support was created. By 2013, the list of companies and projects GLC has successfully worked with and completed is quite impressive given that the company only works by recommendation, without strongly relying on marketing.

GLC has now expanded in a very dynamic corporation and partnered with many architects, engineers, BIM modeling companies and employed personnel through different structures like subcontracting or offshoring to satisfy the growing need for building envelope projects and support. We work and thrive to grow by servicing our clients at our best of the possibilities even if that means to suggest and refer them to better suited resources for the project.

Our approach to every client and project is different and customized every time. Before we even start working we listen to our clients, understand their needs, where they are today and where they come from as well as their goals for the project at hand. Many clients strictly relate projects priorities with budgets and profits; others prioritize on their name and completion success while ensuring profits and repeated clientele.
As steel, aluminum and glass construction is being utilized all around us for sleek looking and fast erecting buildings, we want to play a major role in the industry`s future, building`s sustainability and clients` success. The core of our work is based in structural and thermal building envelope modeling including glass façade, curtain wall, point supported systems, zinc, aluminum and engineer wood panels, steel framing as well as envelope solutions. GLC will always step out of the comfort zone taking accountability on the results even when the scope is new or unknown to the parties involved. Our access to great suppliers and professionals allows us to always be on board of projects that will challenge our expertise and offer opportunities for a learning experience and innovative approach.